Frequently Asked Questions

What are the documents does a student have to submit with the application?

Students are required to submit attested copies (not original) of their grade reports along with a complete application form, Clear passport photographs – 3 Nos, Work experience letters (for mature learners), Complete Resume (for mature learners), Signed Declaration (part of the application) , Registration Fees to accompany the application.

Why did Rhythmic Skills create the Rhythmic Skills Student Ambassador Program?

Majority of Rhythmic Skills students come from word of mouth from our existing students and alumni. Hence to reward such positive word of mouth the Student Ambassador Program was initiated.

Can I enjoy the Student Ambassador Program if I am enjoying Siblings Discount Program?

Yes. Student Ambassador Program is for referring your friends/ family. So yes it can be enjoyed with the Siblings Discount Program, however would not include members who have been included to gain the family concession.

What if I choose to do another program with Rhythmic Skills, will that be counted as a Referral?

Student studying more than one program with Rhythmic Skills may choose to be counted as a Student Ambassador and claim the Ambassador Reward or enjoy the ' Rhythmic Skills Existing Student and Alumni Offer Program’.